Add a few extra ports with this ExpressCard Docking Station


ExpressCard Docking Station

When you use your laptop for most of your computing needs, then you’ll likely run into the issue of not having enough ports. Face it, no matter how nice your laptop is, they just can’t ever seem to pack in enough USB ports, audio jacks and external video connectors. Well, if you have an ExpressCard slot, then you might want to consider picking up this ExpressCard Docking Station from Targus.

While not as convenient as a dock made specifically for your particular laptop, it’s still got a few of the essentials that you might not already have. This particular dock features 4 USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet, a serial port, a variety of audio jacks, one DVI and one VGA port. The nice thing is that the video output supports resolutions up to 1,600 x 1,200. Unfortunately, they left out a few ports like FireWire and S-Video.

You’ll need to keep close to a power outlet as it requires an AC adapter to work. The good thing is that your USB ports will be powered, and thus will be able to recharge any gadgets you might have when your notebook isn’t on. The additional ports are going to set you back around $300. Honestly, for that kind of cash you’d be better off looking for a dock that is specifically made for your laptop.

Source: CNET

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[…] Add a few extra ports with this ExpressCard Docking Station […]

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