No More Soggy Cereals, Thanks to the Eatmecrunchy Bowl

Eatmecrunchy Bowl

I love gadgets that solve the big problems in life and what can be more troublesome than eating a bowl of soggy cereals in the morning. Yeah your first few spoonfuls might have their intended crunchiness but after that its all downhill and your morning meal gets soggier and soggier. But help is at hand, with the Eatmecrunchy Bowl.

The concept behind this revolutionary breakfast bowl is forehead-slappingly simple. A removable shelf covers 70% of the bowl’s base, holding the cereal above the milk. All you have to do is eat your cereal from the shelf-less section of the bowl where the cereal and milk meet, pushing the cereal in as required. Brilliant!

You can buy the Eatmecrunchy Bowl for $10.20 (£4.95) from Firebox, long may the crunchy breakfast continue.

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