Asus announces new USB wireless adapter

Asus wireless adapter

Most laptops made within the last several years come with a built-in wireless adapter. This is great because open WiFi networks are becoming increasingly popular at coffee shops and other public places. The alternative to having an internal wireless solution is to use either a PCMCIA card, or a small USB adapter that sticks out of your notebook like a sore thumb. While your options may not be the greatest, Asus has a new offering that you won’t be embarrassed to show off.

The new WiFi card is similar to other USB sticks, but differs because of its small cradle. This cradle is what really makes this card look a little nicer than the competition. It is fully compatible with 802.11b/g in addition to the latest “n” standard.

The unfortunate thing is that most laptops that require external wireless adapters will still be tethered to the wall, as their battery likely won’t hold much of a charge. There has been no announcement of either pricing or availability of the new wireless adapter.

Source: Crave