TechnoHouse exhibits Litefast LED display unit



So you think that your newfangled 30″ LCD monitor that you just purchased as a present to yourself this Christmas is the baddest thing on earth right now? Surely when you lay your eyes on what TechnoHouse has to offer, your perspective will change. The company has just finished exhibiting its transparent 360° LED display unit known as “Litefast” at Inter BEE 2007, that took place from November 20th to 22nd, 2007 in Japan. Manufactured by Kinoton GMBH of Germany, Litefast is a technological marvel. In essence, it is a cylindrical transparent display unit that can contain commercial goods or other items for display.

The exhibited model comes with a diameter of 75cm and currently carries a retail price of – hold your breath – ¥7,000,000. That translates to approximately $65,000, which is a whole lot of money no matter how you look at it. I guess this will solely be the domain of the super rich who want to dazzle their guests at the next Christmas party they throw instead of getting yet another set of needles that come with gold-laced ends or hang diamonds as baubles. On a more practical note, the Litefast will probably fall under the domain of the commercial sector as they plan to impress whoever walks into the reception area. Certainly puts your monitor to shame, eh?

The Litefast consists of a quartet of vertical bars, where each of these bars will come fitted with 600 three-color LEDs, and have been carefully arranged at 90 degree intervals. These bars are capable of making a dozen or even 13 revolutions per second, hence displaying the images required. Litefast is capable of displaying three images of 600 (vertical) x 800 (horizontal) dots each, two images of 600 (vertical) x 1,200 (horizontal) dots each or one image with 600 (vertical) x 2,400 (horizontal) dots. It supports VGA, DVI and video signals. Currently, the largest model in the product line boasts a diameter of 150cm.

Source: TechOn

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