Buffalo MiniStation now offers 320GB of external storage

Buffalo MiniStationAs you likely know, I just picked up a new laptop last Friday. It’s got 160GB of storage which should prove to be more than sufficient for my needs. However, should I ever take up a hobby like audio or video recording/editing, I would no doubt need something a bit larger on which to keep my files. With the release of Buffalo’s new MiniStation TurboUSB, I know exactly what I’d choose.

The new drive sports 320GB of storage space, which is, to my knowledge, the largest currently on the market in the 3.5” size. It’s a 5400 RPM drive, so your files will transfer much faster than ones spinning up at 4200 RPM. The best feature has got to be the fact that it only requires the use of a single USB cable for both power and file transfers. There’s nothing worse than plugging a portable drive into the wall.

If you need a little extra storage on the go, you won’t go wrong with this latest addition to the MiniStation line. You will be able to pick one up starting in December for around $320.

Source: Gadgetizer

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