Something a swimmer can count on for a good workout … Finis Lap Track

Finish Lap Track 1

Now that it’s time to break out the turtleneck sweaters and ski parkas for the holiday season, it only makes sense that we talk about …. Swimming accessories? Sure. Why not. Especially when the Finis Lap Track timer will help swimmers to cut valuable seconds on their lap time.

Completely waterproof, the Finis Lap Track helps swimmers track the laps, lap times, spilts, the works. It also gives an estimate of the number of calories burned in a swimming workout. And with it’s single, extra large button swimmers push on each lap, it’s hard to miss even when one is doing the back stroke. After which, the swimmer’s split time will be displayed for 5 seconds in order to check your times as you swim.

Lap Track 2

Lastly, it has a lap count down feature, which let’s swimmers presset the Lap Track for time and laps and a signal will count down to zero until a swimmer’s workout of through.
It attaches to the pool wall by suction pad, or thanks to a plastic arm and weight bag which allows it to hang over the side.
Cost is about $80 US and is available for preorder with delivery time well in advance of Christmas.

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