Digital Wireless Headphone System

There are many things that I enjoy. One of the things I really like to do is to sit in front of my stereo listening to my vinyl collection with my headphones on. The only problem with this particular past time is that I’m limited to the range of my headphone cord. So if I want a drink, I need to stop the record, take my headphones off and go to the kitchen. Not the most streamlined experience. But most wireless headphones have terrible sound.audiotechnica_athdwl5000.jpg

Audio-Technica comes to my rescue with the Audio-Technica ATH-DWL5000 Digital Wireless Headphone System. This wireless set of headphones brings up the sound quality with an advanced “Sound Quality-Oriented Design” with a large 53mm driver that produces a powerful bass. With a strong transmission frequency, the sound quality is cleaner and more defined. The headphone design is an cushioned, classic, over-the-head model made for longer use.

The Digital Wireless Headphone System comes with a headphone stand, charger and charge type nickel hydrogen electric battery x2,remote control, single 4 shape dry cell battery x2, AC adapter and optical digital cable. However, only serious audiophiles need apply as these bad boys are only available in Japan for the equivalent of $1,149.99. But damn, are they cool.

Headphone section

  • Type: Open air dynamic type
  • Driver: phi 53mm, bobbin winding CCAW voice coil
  • Playback frequency characteristic: 5 – 35,000Hz
  • Power source: DC2.4V or DC3V
  • Continuous duty time: 6 hours
  • Mass: 375g

Transmitter section

  • Decoder function: Dolby digital /DTS/AAC/ Dolby professional logic II
  • Modulation technique: DSSS
  • Transmission frequency zone: 2.4GHz band
  • Carry-over factor: 30m
  • Input:
    • Digital input (rectangular jack) x2 system
    • Coaxial digital input (RCA pin jack) x1 system
    • LINE input (RCA pin jack L/R) ×1 system
    • MULTI input (RCA pin jack FL/FR/FC/SL/SR/LFE) x1 system
  • Output:
    • LINE output (RCA pin jack L/R) x1 system
    • Optical digital through output (rectangular jack) x1 system
  • Power source: DC9V
  • Size: H49 x W220 x D137mm
  • Mass: 465g

[Via Audio Cubes]