Philips Digital Frame Alarm Clock

Philips AJL308

Every once in a while, you will find some new product that really does it all. The latest to top my list is the Philips AJL308, which is a 7-inch picture frame, alarm clock, radio, as well as an MP3 Player.

It appears to do all these jobs quite well. As a picture frame, for example, you can upload pics from the SD/MMC slot, and I can only assume from the USB slot. That’s right, it has a USB slot, and you can even use it to upload video clips from your computer.

As an alarm clock, you can program the Philips AJL308 to wake you to your favorite FM station or MP3 music. It also has a gentle wake mode that gradually increases the volume of your music as you groggily wake up.

The FM radio has 20 presets, and I believe that I’ve already discussed the advantages of the MP3 Player. What I haven’t discussed is the fact that the picture frame has a large time readout as well as some Vista-like calendar things going on as well.

I have to admit, the Philips Digital Picture Frame/Alarm Clock/FM Radio/MP3 Player looks like quite a deal for your money. I believe it is available at Amazon for about $130, but I have heard that it really isn’t supposed to be. Therefore, you might have to wait a little while before you see the Philips AJL308 in stores. However, it looks like a gadget that is well worth the wait!

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