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Weathergirl Weather Station Weather Station

This is a nice graphical way to see what the weather is like out side, the Weathergirl Weather Station, she dresses appropriately for the current climate.

You’ll be in no doubt about the forecast for the coming day ­”Weather Girl” dresses (and undresses!) to show you what to expect ­ from playing on the beach to building snowmen! 15 different forecast icons. Also displayed are indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity with min/max recording. The time is set automatically by radio signal.

The Weathergirl weather station costs £34.95 (~$70) from Nauticalia.

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Not Sexy: Stripping Weathergirl Station is the Most Pervy Way to Get the Forecast Says: November 8, 2007 at 10:04 am

[…] There’s no better way to give people the message that “I’m socially awkward and like to have an umbrella handy if there’s a chance of rain” like having one of these Stripping Weathergirl Weather Stations on your desk. See, if it’s hot out she takes her clothes off. Holy mackerel, She takes her clothes off, guys!! And for only $70? I can think of no easier way to get titillated for $70. Boy, this is the smartest purchase I’ve made all day. [Product Page via Coolest Gadgets] […]

CHRIS JANSON Says: November 29, 2007 at 3:29 pm

what happens when its REALLY hot…..or when it is raining

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