Is ASUS working on a Tablet Mac?

Mac Tablet?

That’s the word on the street. The inside word. According to sources close to our friends over at Crave, Asus has admitted “on the q.t.” that they are working with Cupertino to develop a Mac Tablet computer. And considering that Asus makes iBooks, PowerBooks and MacBooks for MacHeads, this rumor could have some credibility. It just all depends on how solid the source is.

The talk is that the MacLet will have a multi-touch capability, essentially making it an iTouch on steroids, running on the Leopard or above and powered by a MacTel chipset. And since Cupertino has already filed a patent on something similar, the details seem to be up to snuff. But anyone who is completely obsessed with all things Jobs would know that the devil is in the details, and that the best rumors are those with a grain of truth to them.

Still, tablets are extremely popular with those in the medical and construction fields, and Apple has been quietly carving a niche for business applications for years. So, if a MacLet is in the cards for Cupertino, and this “Deep Throat” figure is on the level about Asus’ collaboration on it, we can expect some interesting keynotes down the road. But that’s true regardless.

Source: Crave

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