Competition Time – Win a £129.99 iBoom and Tickets to the Best of Stuff Show

Stuff Show

It’s that time of year again when the Stuff Show comes into town. For the last couple of years we’ve been able to get our hands on some free tickets to give away, this year we’ve gone one better. Not only do we have 10 sets of free tickets to hand out but the guys over at urboom have generously donated us a BooM1 (worth £129.99) to give away.


Besides the stylish looking, you can easily connect your iPod, MP3 players and CD players with it. Boom is easy to carry with great mobility, you will find no problem whenever you want to enjoy in the world of rhyme and music, or share them with your family and friends.

To have a chance of winning simply leave a comment here saying what you think is the coolest gadget of 2007, the competition is open all but please let us know in your comment whether you can attend the Stuff Show in London (2nd – 4th November). We’ll close the contest and announce the winner on tomorrow. Good luck.

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  1. 8 The Wattson energy calculator
    “Measures household energy consumption in real time and displays it either in pounds sterling or Watts. Being eco-savvy has never been so cool.”

    I think this is the most coolest cuzz my dad thinks i use to much with my pc and all the other gadgets

  2. My favorite gadget, which I will buy sometime this month, is the IronKey security flash drive. Now I will never have to worry what will happen if I leave my flash drive plugged into the computers at school. I cannot attend show. Thanks.

  3. My favorite gadget of the year is the Nintendo Wii. It is a gadget that transforms how we think about video games and is pushing away the stereotype that video gamers are only adolescent boys. Oh, and it is pretty dang fun, too ;).

    I cannot make the show, but I’d love an iBoom! I have been hankering over those since they came out.

  4. The Ipod Nano is the coolest gadget of 2007. Being ultra-compact, no other device can pack so many features into such a small device. And no other device can match the price of the iPod.

  5. IronKey security flash drive is my fav as well! No I can not make it to the show… DARN IT…. but I would like to win the IBoom!

  6. WII is the gadget of the year!!! At least it got people to move.
    Yes, I can make to the show, I live just 2 stations away.

  7. Has to be the revolutionary iPhone. Needs 3G and more software but the UI still makes it one of the most revolutionary this year. Won’t be able to make the show but sure would love the speakers!

  8. My vote for the best piece of hardware in 2007 is the HTC Advantage as the “most likely to replace your notebook” all-in-one handheld device. Here is why:

    It runs Windoze Mobile 6 and supports quad band GSM radio and triband HSPDA radio to provide a network connection anywhere GSM and/or 3G is available (suck it, iPhone!). It has an Intel 624MHz processor (fastest phone processor available afaik), 128MB of RAM and 256MB of flash ROM. There’s an 8GB microdrive inside, an SDHC compatible miniSD card slot, a 5″ transflective VGA display, 3 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus lens, full GPS, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, and a MAGNETICALLY attached/detachable keyboard. It doesn’t mow your lawn, but it will help you find someone who will.

    So basically, it slices, it dices, and it kicks Chuck Norris’ ass. And you don’t hold it to your ear, because it looks stupid (are you listening Sidekick3). You have to speakerphone or bluetooth it, which is how it should be anyway. Oh yeah, and it is SO expensive that none of your friends will be able to afford it and cannot even conceive of a need for such an expensive “mobile phone” (extra value points). Oh yeah, it’s sold UNLOCKED so you can use it however you like (suck it again, iPhone!)

    I can’t make the show unless you want to kick in some plane tickets from Seattle. Shoot me an email and I’ll tell you where to ship the BooM1. 8^)

  9. My vote goes to the iPhone, as the coolest gadget of the year. Unfortunately, I cannot make the Stuff Show in London.

  10. I think that the best new gadget of 2007 is the Asus Eee 701 laptop. Announced at COMPUTEX Taipei 2007 as a rival to the One Laptop Per Child Project’s XO laptop, it provides a stylish and affordable approach to ultraportable laptops. With a seven inch screen, flanked on both sides by speakers, it is able to maintain a small shape, and with a 2, 4, or 8 gig SSD, it weighs less than 1 kg. Running off Asus’ own flavor of Linux, it is simple to use for new users, and satisfying to seasoned users. I nominate this as the gadget of the year because of it’s accessibility and the things that it will ultimately do for technology in developing nations. I hope this doesn’t sound like a sales pitch, because it’s not. 😛 Also, I will not be able to attend the Stuff show in London.

  11. I anticipated the release of the Iphone for months and when I saw it I knew it was the coolest gadget of the year, in my book. While it has its flaws, I thinks it represents the direction mobile phones are headed to.

    Unfortunately, I would not be able to attend the stuff show. bet it’ll be cool, though

  12. My favorite Gadget for 2007 is the “Large Butane Iron-melting Torch” from dealextreme. It easiliy fulfills my most demanding most demanding requirements for the ultimate gadget:

    1. It gives you immediate satisfaction and fulfils a basic needs for every male human (fire + destruction)
    2. Part of my definition for a really cool gadget is that it exists just for its own sake (read: useless) – and still provides unbelievable levels of sustainable fun fun (both characteristics are given)
    3. melting things is an ultimately manly thing to do

    Regards, matthias

  13. The coolest gadget is the ultra mobile PC, OQO 2: Fully functional, Vista capable PC on just 450 grams. In 2007 it outruns all competition, but sadly, it has a pricetag. The OQO 2 is the reference gadget – the gadget all gadgets should be compared to.

  14. iPhone.

    Yes, it’s overhyped, but I recently used an HTC for a couple of days after having my iPhone for a month. The iPhone is the greatest phone to have graced the planet with itself.

    That said, I love my Wii

  15. the coolest gadget this year goes to the iPhone. I say this because after using it for almost 3 months now I’m still using it with a smile because I know everyday means new applications. Is the show in England? Cause I’d have to fly from ny.

  16. Not to be a jerk or an $%*&^ #$%^&$& or a pampas ass or a idiot or an ungrateful bustard or anything else I might be perceived as but in all fairness you did say the contest was 24 hours and for the first time I thought I might have a chance at winning something on my fav site. You should draw for the IBoom out of the original contest entries and use the rest for the tickets to the show. Ok so all my whining is done now, continue on with your awesome work! Sorry just thought I needed to say how I feel.

  17. Mark – I appreciate what you’re saying there Mark and in hindsight I should of thought about this in the original post. I can’t change the rules twice so would a $25 Think Geek voucher placate you as an apology.

    Glitch – Yes the show is in London, England. So the free tickets might prove to be a bit pricey to use.

  18. My favorite item is the iPod classic. It’s because I REALLY don’t need an iPod touch or stuff like that. I want a cheap mp3-player with big storage.

    But the best gadget is the Wii because of its innovatism.

    (And I can’t attend but i’d really want to get the BooM1.)

  19. My favourite gadget of 2007 is my brand new Sony Ericsson K850i. Amazing photos for a phone.

    Can’t make the show, but gimme the iBoom!

  20. Mark – even better: “Anyone know who won?” I wouldn’t normally do that but as you seem to be striving for perfection…

  21. Thanks Al!!! rules! Keep up the great work on the site. As it turns out I will unexpectedly be in London this weekend, so I think I’ll have a look at the show.

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