Discovery Space Projection Alarm Clock

discovery-space-clock.jpgMost alarm clocks are just that – ordinary looking timepieces that blend in with the rest of your home and do not leave any lasting impression on anyone who drops by. The Discovery Space Projection Alarm Clock is different though, as it offers a fun, futuristic and scientifically stimulating method to tell the time. In short, it projects both time and space images on a ceiling or wall.

  • Choose from 3 space images – Full Moon, Starry Sky or Saturn
  • Dual projecting lenses superimpose the digital time over the space image
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • Wake to one of 3 digital spaceship sounds: “Transport,” “Ping,” or “Analyze”
  • Clock has amber LED backlight illumination
  • 9-minute snooze button
  • Date/time display
  • Memory backup
  • Manual focusing knobs
  • You can pick up this unique timepiece for $29.95.