Mixa USB Tape


Mixa USB Tape
There are many reasons why I’m glad I was born in the 80’s, one of them being the fact that cassette tapes were already on their way out the door when I hit my teens. I did, however, get the pleasure of making more than one mix tape of my favorite tunes.

While we’ve made strides in the format on which we store our music, we’ve still yet to truly improve upon the idea that is the mix tape. Burnt CDs just aren’t the same. That’s why there’s the Mixa USB Tape. Unlike other USB cassette tapes we’ve seen in the past, the tape is actually a flash drive. When you place your order you also have the opportunity to customize both the cassette and its case with your own personal images.

The Mixa USB Tape has 1GB of storage, which will store far more rock ballads than your old 60 cassette could ever hope to hold. It’ll set you back $41, but can you really put a price on sentimental value?

Source: EverythingUSB

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