Wine Bottle Wine Thermometer

wine-thermometer1.jpgStoring your wine in just the right temperature is essential if you want to experience the full flavor of each glass, hence the need for a Wine Bottle Wine Thermometer. It comes in the form of a wine bottle (now how about that?) to help maintain the mood when you’re about to open a bottle of bubbly.

It comes with 16 preset optimum wine temperatures for the most popular wines. The thermometer features a back lit display, an auto power off facility and incorporates a stainless steel probe. You can change between °C/°F and it also features an alarm that will sound when the temperature is reading within 2°C of the optimum temperature. Simply press the select button to select the wine type, insert the probe into the wine bottle with the probe immersed at least 25mm into the wine and read the temperature.

You can pick up the Wine Bottle Wine Thermometer for £14.99.

Product Page via Nerd Approved