Duracell introduces Mobile Charger

duracell-mobile-charger.jpgDuracell, famous for their pink bunny who goes on and on long after other competitors have fallen, has rolled out its Mobile Charger that will definitely send squeals of delight among gadget loving consumers. The main function of the Mobile Charger would be a portable power hub that will deliver power to a variety of high-drain devices, ranging from digital cameras and portable gaming systems to iPods, MP3 players and BlackBerrys via different methods in a sleek and compact design. You can use it to charge both AA or AAA rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries simply by plugging the unit directly into the wall or car outlet, where a USB port is available on the Duracell Mobile Charger itself to cater to a slew of devices that can be charged via USB.

With these three methods of charging (wall outlet, car outlet, or pre-charged NiMH batteries), you can be pretty sure that you’ve got your bases covered when it comes to mobile power – the only thing missing in my books would be a solar panel just in case you aren’t at a nearby power outlet or car, frolicking around in the great outdoors instead. Each purchase comes with Duracell Pre-Charged Rechargeable batteries that already come charged and ready to use straight out of the pack. These Pre-Charged batteries can be recharged hundreds of times, delivering hours of music and up to 5,000 digital photos over the life of just two batteries.

These Duracell Pre-Charged Rechargeable batteries are pretty special with their new rechargeable technology, doing away with the need to charge the batteries before using them for the first time. Unlike other rechargeables, they can also retain power for up to a year even when not in use, although the total charge would have definitely decreased by then. The new Duracell Mobile Charger will arrive at retail stores nationwide from Fall onwards, retailing for $24.99. Sounds like a great buy considering the amount of gadgets we have these days at home.

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  1. Um, Duracell has never had a rabbit. There’s a reason he’s called “The Energizer Rabbit” … the bunny shills for Energizer.

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