Post A Phone is your Snail mail phone backup

Post A Phone

With Europeans using cellphones more than a conventional landline these days (and in our mobile global culture, it makes sense), what happens if your phone dies, gets stolen, trashed or merely lost? Concept designer Priestman Goode noticed a need and sought to fill it. Enter POST A PHONE. The idea is that users can order a temporary phone and have it delivered in the mail right away. Made out of recycled cardboard, plastic, and no doubt printable circuits, the phone fits in an A4 envelope and measures a mere 4mm thick. But here’s the weird the part. In a culture where mobility is practically worshiped, the Post A Phone is a conventional landline telephone.

The thinking is that in the event of emergency – a conventional landline is more failure proof way to communicate, rather than rely on overwhelmed cellphone networks. And the landline ensures power – whereas a mobile phone battery would die over time. And fixed line phone technology powers itself, as such, even in an electrical outage, a phone plugged into that wall jack would work.

Only a concept, but who knows, maybe version 2.0 will have a mobile component to it so vacationers can take a disposable (and recyclable) cellphone rather than risking their iPhone on a vacation. (Ed: Not to mention run up their phone bill at the end of the month…)

Source: Treehugger

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