The ramen emergency kit!

ramen kit

True, traditional Ramen is a pretty tasty dish, originating from China. Instant, industrial Ramen has become the student’s typical ‘home-cooked’ soup. The reasons are obvious, as it’s easy and quick to prepare, tastes good and fills the stomach.

Now for those who’d like to have some in the outdoors, or as an emergency supply, comes the ramen energency kit.

This set includes everything you need for 5 portions of Ramen. You get some packs of the good stuff, water, and even a solid fuel cooker for it. This way, you (and your friends) can enjoy it, or use it as a last resort in desperate situations. Albeit, only one portion at a time, as there’s only one stainless steel cup included.

Here are the complete contents of the kit:

  1. 5 servings of instant ramen
  2. 3 500ml bottles of water
  3. a stainless steel cup
  4. a solid fuel cooker and some spare rods of fuel
  5. a BBQ lighter
  6. chopsticks
  7. a wet towel (wouldn’t 5 have been more logical? same for the chopsticks)

I failed to find a place to buy this, all I know is that the lovely Lisa found out about a contest in Japan where you can win this and wrote about it on Tokyomango.