Philips wows with new Aurea line


If you’re planning on making the jump to a new flat panel display in your living room, it would be wise to consider the Aurea line from Philips. This new range boasts full HD and come with an impressive 3ms response time, a trio of HDMI 1.3 inputs, 26 speakers embedded within comprising of two dozen front mini drivers and a couple of subwoofer boxes. Brightness stands at 550cd/m2 while the dynamic contrast ratio rangers from 1,200/8,000 to 1. Pricing details are still unknown, but we do know the new Aurea line will hit Europe sometime within this month starting with the 42″ model. Needless to say, you also get Philips’ very own Ambilight frames for a more seamless glow effect that supposedly enhances your movie experience. What are you waiting for – start saving up for one today!

Source: Gizmodo