MP3 Design goes modular

Lobster MP3

It’s simply amazing what someone can do with Photoshop and a design oriented imagination. Yankoo Design has an interesting MP3 concept that incorportes modular add ons that work in a daisy chain fashion.

Designed by Danilo Mangini and called the “Lobster” due to it’s pieces forming a lobster like tail assembly, the LCD screen main body allows for modular additions that include an mp3 player, camera, gps, and even a cardiometer for those who love to rock out and exercise at the same time. The mods can be used either in concert or alone, but their best used with the main LCD screen . The main screen also acts as a cellphone and SMS text messenger.

The daisy chain concept not only offers the ability to create a revenue stream in addons that most mp3s don’t have, but it can be wrapped around the forearm or wrist for an attractive, yet high tech accessory.

Lobster Daisy Chain

And even the Lobster is purely a concept design with no plans to manufacture or distribute, the options can be endless. In addition to the GPS, mp3 and camera mods, there could be a television aerial, remote control, video camera, why not even a garage door opener? What else is there to meet the lobster function?

Lobster 3

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  1. Ok, so this idea is the coolest thing i have ever seen. Way to go Mr. Mangini. This is money. Sony, u better pick up this idea and mass produce it, cause this thing is better than the ipod.

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