Ferrari Art.Engine Wireless Speakers

If money was no object, and the need to impress your friends is paramount (ie. you’re a show-off), then perhaps you might like to invest £18,000 in the Ferrari Art.Engine wireless speaker system.

Available in the four normal Ferrari colours and built to order in two weeks using the same aluminium and carbon fibre materials used in the engines themselves – how cool will that order confirmation look stuck to your fridge!. It’s also a pretty safe bet that not many other people will have these speakers as only 1,000 are being built world wide.

The system itself stands 119cm high so will be pretty clearly visible wherever you position it (I’m thinking in the middle of the living room!) As well as being wireless, it also has hardwire connections so your friends can plug in their devices for a play too.

For more information on the specs, visit Sound Directions.