A slithering alarm clock

roboboa.jpgNow this is definitely the most slithery alarm clock ever. Known as the RoboBoa, this unique device not only acts as your alarm clock, it can also be used as a reading light to help you flip through the latest novel without keeping your partner awake through the night. There are 41 functions in total that we will look at in further detail after the jump. The RoboBoa is currently available for approximately $220 after conversion.

  • Aware Mode (default) RoboBoa responds to objects he sees and is genuinely curious. If RoboBoa detects something, he will scan the room to find it, then track its every movement.
  • Explore Mode
    RoboBoa’s inquisitive nature turns Aware Mode into Explore Mode. Now he won’t just scan the room, he will also rove around, interacting with everything in his path.
  • Party Mode
    Your very own Disco Marquee Light that moves to music or noise. With the build-in audio jack, he can boogie to your own portable music player (Audio cable not included).
  • Track Mode
    RoboBoa tracks and sheds light on anything moving in his adaptive vision.
  • Super Shooter
    RoboBoa’s cannon, lazer and machine gun not only acts as alarms, but also shoots out secret codes to trigger other WowWee Robots.
  • Sensors
    RoboBoa responds to changes in light, and his IR radar technology can track things close or up to 12 feet away.
  • Safety Mode
    RoboBoa illuminates objects that fall in his line of sight from up to 12 feet.
  • Hold Mode
    The facelights of RoboBoa will fade up in the dark and fade down in the light.
  • Sleep Mode
    Put RoboBoa into Sleep Mode when not in use and all his programs and alarm settings are remembered.
  • Shutdown Mode
    RoboBoa folds up neatly and powers himself off.
  • Demo Modes
    RoboBoa can show he’s a party machine, demonstrate his alarm tone or trigger his Super Shooting abilities.
  • Guard Modes
    Desk Guard: is a static tabeltop shooting sentinel.
    Patrol Guard: is a roving room robot that “cannon rounds” anything that comes into view.
    Sentry Guard: is a rotating sentry mode that scans an entire room for intruders, ray-beaming anything in view.
  • Positional Program Mode
    Move RoboBoa around and he will remember up to 40 steps, then repeat them all at the touch of a button. Program Mode includes many of the robots functions like Alarm and Guard Mode.
  • Product Page via Red Ferret