Chinavision PMP takes a dive


So the summer is well underway by now, and chances are you already have attended your fair share of poolside parties. What’s a party without some music, you ask? This is exactly why you bring your iPod everywhere you go, never mind if you run a higher risk of frying your iPod’s electronics within by dropping it into the pool accidentally. Why not save yourself the misery of purchasing a new iPod by picking up this portable media player from Chinavision? Sure, it looks as ugly as heck with the black and yellow colors, but hey, at the very least you’ll now be able to view all your favorite video clips while being submerged (although why would anyone do that, I have no idea).

The Chinavision portable media player supports only AMV videos, which means you have to convert your entire video collection using the included conversion software. Sure, the 1GB of storage space might not amount to much in this day and age where portable media players come equipped with hard drives that can hold up to 80GB of portable entertainment, but bear in mind this Chinavision offering comes with a mere 1.8″ display that has a maximum resolution of 128 x 128 pixels at a rate of 15 fps. That alone means you can pack in a whole lot more videos onto such a limited space, although it would have been nice to see something more thrown into the mix.

Supported audio formats include WMA and MP3, while it only supports one picture format – JPEG. You can use any available space to record impromptu voice notes in WAV format, so chances are it will fill up relatively fast if you use a high bit rate. The Chinavision portable media player measures 105mm x 50mm x 22mm and is waterproof for up to three meters. It even comes with a pair of waterproof earphones, but you must stow the earphones away when submerged in order to keep the inside components dry, which means you’re better off watching stuff like silent movies of yore. This device takes three hours to charge fully, and it offers up to half a dozen hours of playback. Each purchase comes with the user manual, a pair of waterproof earphones, a power adapter, a mini CD which contains the conversion software, a neck strap, and a high quality armband.

Product Page via Gizmodo