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icanplay-guitar.jpgThe I Can Play Guitar was concocted by Mattel and its partners, offering a learning tool that doubles up as a toy for kids (and adults who secretly want to pick up basics of music). It does not use regular strings, but instead relies on a video game with on-screen cues for you to hit the right frets at the right time. New songs can be downloaded via cartridges plugged into the guitar itself, and you can pick up the I Can Play Guitar set with six songs for $100 when it hits stores this August. Once you’ve mastered that set of songs, additional tune collections can be purchased for $15 a pop. While you won’t turn into Steve Vai or Santana overnight, at least you have an inkling on how to play the guitar.

Source: Electronista

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Formaldehyde Says: July 30, 2007 at 11:39 am

OR you can not be a dork and just play guitar hero.

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