Sealegs amphibious boat enters commercial production

sealegs.jpgMention sealegs and what picture do you get that crosses the mind? Most people would probably have a mental image of a scruffy looking pirate, or a seasoned captain at the helm of a ship. The sealegs that I am going to focus on today will not have anything to do with humans, but a machine instead. In fact, this boat from Sealegs is no ordinary boat but an amphibious one at that. Measuring 7.1 meters long, this water-loving craft will soon be produced on a mass scale for commercial purposes after numerous successful sea trials. Dubbed the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), it will be the third and largest model produced by the amphibious boat manufacturer, and chances are it will attract more than just a passing interest from water transportation and tourism operators.

What makes the RIB so special? For starters, it comes with a whole lot more space than standard boats, enabling up to 8 adults to be seated comfortably within its 700kg payload. On land, it can hit a maximum speed of 10kph (no need for airbags there), but in water, the RIB really goes all out to thrill as the 115hp motor cuts across water at a maximum speed of 78kph. The first RIB will be shipped to Italy for the Genoa International Boat Show that is happening this October, where it will be the first time the European community lay their eyes on it.

What are some of the practical uses for the RIB, you ask? Well, flood prone areas will definitely find the RIB handy since it traverses both land and water. It is rather hard to find some commercial value in it, but tourism operators by the beach will have a much easier time transporting clients from sand to sea in the RIB rather than having those boasts dry docked and hauled to the waters each time somebody wants to go out for a spin. Do you think the ultra rich folks will pick one up for their own amusement?

Source: Gizmag