Foot power used to control mouse


Now this is definitely one mouse that you won’t want to loan out to others – the Foot Controlled Mouse. This self-descriptive device gives the game away, requiring you to use one foot to move the mouse about while the other takes control of various programmable buttons, including both left- and right-clicks, double click, and scroll functionality. This would make a pretty expensive gag gift at $199 a set, and it will help those who suffer from arm injuries to spend their time recuperating in the hospital while surfing the Web with their feet.

Product Page via Ubergizmo

2 thoughts on “Foot power used to control mouse”

  1. Not useless.

    I can think of three uses right off:

    1. Musicians who want to control their midi software without removing their hands from the guitar or keyboard.

    2. People who have carpal tunnel syndrome who must limit or eliminate use of hand mice.

    3. People who have lost both hands, and only have prosthetics that do not adequately manipulate hand mice.

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