New Faucet Design can save up to 70% on water bills

EZ Touchless Infrared Sensor Faucet

Water waste is rather common in your average household. Water running while brushing teeth, water running while washing hands, water running just to get the cold water out of the way to get to the hotter water in a bath tub. And all that wasted water is money down the drain. So when a sub-fifty dollar gadget that can reduce water bills by up to 70% arrives on the scene, it can be very attractive addition to the home.

Last year we featured it, but with Summer heating up and water bills on the rise, we thought it was a good time to reintroduce the EZ Touchless Infrared Sensor Faucet. Attaching to your kitchen or bathroom sink, this gadget relies on Point-N-Lock technology which allows infrared sensors to detect movement as hands reach under it. This turns turns the water on and off automatically.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included) which can last up to 18 months, the EZ Faucet is fully automatic – but users can override that with a manual override on/off switch.

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Other features include: adjustable temperature and pressure settings, complete hands-free operation which avoids germ transmission, universal fittings that allow it to go on any existing sink’s faucet, ease of installation, and manual control of temperature and water flow.

To save 70% of wasted water? That makes it not only good for the environment, but at around $50 pricetag, a sure fire investment for the home.

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  1. Have they addressed the problem of leaking out the edges? I have had these before and they all seem to leak and drip.

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