The TP Butler!

the TP butler!Here’s something that adds style and humor to your bathroom: a faithful butler, holding a roll of toilet paper for you and especially for your guests, ready to serve.

This thing would fit pretty well with a modern, friendly-decorated home. And while most bathrooms have either a conservative or a sleek, modern look, this thing gives it a friendly, homely touch.

What it’s sure to do is bring a smile to you or to a guest, as you look at the slightly embarrassed and certainly scared face. The big eyes hint at quite a suffering, and the pinched nose makes it all clear.

At parties, it’s sure to become a conversation subject, just like any unusual decoration.

Modeled in resin and hand-painted, its price is pretty steep at $99. But then again, any out-of-the-ordinary decoration item comes at a price.

It can hold one roll of toilet paper and store another one in its hat.

Product page, via Nerd Approved.

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