Yoggie is your portable security super hero!

Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro
The internet is a dangerous place. You can easily be convinced to spend hundreds on bloated security packages, special firewalls, and all other types of security voodoo. At home, you have your hardware firewall protecting you, but what about on the go. You’re not going to take that big brick with you, but you still want to be safe. Don’t fear, Yoggie, the security super hero, is here!

In a nutshell, Yoggie is like taking your home router with you, only without all the hassle of bulkiness and cables. Yoggie can operate in two modes: the first uses the built-in USB cable for power, connects to your ethernet port, and the ethernet wall socket, and the second simply uses your USB port for power and performs packet-packet filtering for your WiFI adapter through the use of a virtual bridge. I’m going to be honest with you, most all of that went over my head, but I got the general gist of it– Yoggie makes you safer without bothering you with unneeded hassles.

Yoggie has a ton of other features, but really, they’re not important. In the end, the only thing you care about is whether or not you and your data are safe on the internet. To help monitor that essential fact, Yoggie provides a web based UI that shows its current status and things that have been stopped thanks to its awesomeness. In a way, it’s sort of how Yoggie congratulates itself for its hard work.

With the steep price of $220, the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro is for the person who really, really needs to stay safe whenever on the internet (which means even when in the coffee shop with unencrypted WiFi). Other than that, I think most people will be satisfied with a more modest software solution, myself included.

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