Argard M10 Bluetooth Headset


argard-m10.jpgBluetooth headsets are all the same – or are they? While most of us are accustomed to seeing those standard designs, the Argard M10 Bluetooth Headset will definitely change your mindset as it did mine. It looks fantastic from any angle, and even special care and attention has been given to the charging cradle and packaging to bring you one of the most aesthetically pleasing Bluetooth headsets to date. This is one marriage of form and function that is a match made in heaven, and we will explore on the finer details of the Argard M10 Bluetooth Headset after the jump.

The Argard M10 is tinier than you imagine, weighing a mere 5 grams. Wearing it over your ear is easy, and for most times, you’ll hardly feel that it is even there. The Argard M10 boasts a pyramid shaped cradle that comes with grooves which allows the M10 to slide in effortlessly for charging purposes. A ring of red light in this case is a good thing (unless, of course, the device in question is the Xbox 360) as it notifies you of the charge status. Whenever you turn the Argard M10 on, the ring will glow blue in color. Each purchase comes with silicone covers (available in three different sizes to fit ears of all shapes). Since it boasts a special in-the-ear design, there is no need for those ugly behind the ear clips.

This is one case where simplicity is perfected, and the Argard M10 is equally easy to use with a big center button that turns the headset on or off, and picking up and ending calls. Volume controls are provided by a couple of small buttons on the side, and despite being smaller than a quarter, the Argard M10 has a battery that affords up to 3 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time. This would look great on any Bluetooth-enabled handset, but when paired with the recently released iPhone, you can just melt in its beauty. The Argard M10 Bluetooth Headset retails for $149 a pop.

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