Mini projector laughs in the face of vibrations

vibra-projector.jpgMiniature projectors are slowly but surely heading our way in a plethora of gadgets as the technology involved in miniaturization improves on the whole. Chances are in the near future, you will be able to see such minuscule projector modules being integrated into devices such as cellphones, portable game machines, MP3 and MP4 players, and even digital cameras. One must remember though, that projecting a large screen from such a tiny device could leave the viewers feeling disoriented since the viewing experience will most likely be unstable and full of shakes. German scientists from the Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden are working on a solution to circumvent this problem by combining a compact laser projector system with inertia and yaw rate sensors in order to produce vibration-compensated images. The entire sensor system is capable of detecting even the slightest motion, rotating the image accordingly for compensation, making it work like magic even in a moving vehicle. To put it plainly, this technology enables a steady image being shown despite small discrepancies in vibration of the device.

The team working on this hope to see the fruits of their labor being packaged into a commercial device within a couple of years’ time. Apparently, the prototype as it is can already be integrated into virtually any mobile handheld device, projecting an image onto any flat surface in A3 size. Guess older folks who suffer from the jitters will be able to make a pretty decent presentation without causing their audience to make a quick exit for the nearest washroom.

Future improvements are currently in the pipeline, and some of them want to see it used as an active control instead of a mouse or a joystick. For instance, using it in PDAs and cellphones will certainly be a boon, and those devices generally shun away from peripherals like the mouse due to the latter’s unsuitability. Other practical uses of this invention includes installing this in a gaming steering wheel, giving you a steady, immersive gaming experience right in front of you despite the rough and tumble nature of driving games.

Source: Gizmag

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