BeoVision 7 set to thrill

beovision7.jpgBang & Olufsen have recently announced their spanking new BeoVision 7 system, featuring a lovely 40″ LCD widescreen display that comes complete with an integrated DVD player, digital surround sound module, and a center channel speaker to round of its impressive list of features. As with other Bang & Olufsen products, you can be sure that the BeoVision 7 will be impeccably designed, marrying both form and function. I know there will always be detractors of these high end entertainment systems, but ask anyone on the street if they would rather drop whatever they have at home now for the BeoVision 7 and I’ll bet my bottom dollar that their answer will be in the affirmative.

The BeoVision 7 claims to offer a balance between sound and performance, boasting the Visionclear package of high definition picture technologies, acoustic clarity of the voice track and strong sound reproduction. You also get surround sound in 7.1 channels, thanks to the digital sound module which comprises of BeoLab loudspeakers (BeoLab 7-2 and BeoLab 7-4). According to Kim Gravesen, President of Bang & Olufsen America, “We are very excited for the arrival of BeoVision 7 as it is truly an unparalleled LCD television and home entertainment unit that exhibits renowned Bang & Olufsen design and technology. This product is a great representation of our home theater capabilities and our constant drive to ensure the ultimate user experience. We believe BeoVision 7 will resonate well with customers because of its sleek form, superior performance, and advanced picture qualities.”

If you’re affluent enough to afford one of these, the BeoVision 7 comes with a wide range of placement options, ranging from a table stand to a floor stand or wall bracket. You can choose from black, dark grey, red, and blue colors to suit your living room. If the need arises, the BeoVision 7 can also be set up as part of Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLink home integration system. North America will receive the BeoVision 7 sometime this summer, where it will retail for approximately $13,250.

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