Sanyo’s New Projector is up against a wall

by James

Sanyo Wall projector

Granted, TV projectors are cool. 100″ images deliver a huge cinema style vista, but the price tag usually matches it. And Sanyo’s new LP-XL50 projector is no different in that regard. But price is where it leaves other projectors behind. The LP-XL50 has the ground-breaking ability to press itself against the wall it’s projecting on and still give that broad projected image with a perfect aspect ratio.

To accomplish this feat, the projector bounces the light off a surface mirror, whose angle allows the shortening of the distance that the reflected light needs to be properly projected to the screen. The mirror, which is angled just a few degrees from straight up, causes the projected image to be displayed with the projector hugging right up against the wall. Say goodbye to annoying people running off for popcorn and casting a shadow as they cross in front of the projector!

In addition, the projector uses a patented “one-way flow system” which improves on cooling efficiency and reduces the amount of dust, which can accumulate on the mirror assembly.

The LCD projector comes with component, composite, and analog RGB for video, and for audio an analog audio input (the RCA/stereo mini-) along with stereo mini-output. But what I don’t get is that Sanyo went cheap on the internal speaker, opting for a single 2W monaural speaker built in.

And for about $5000, though cool, you would think two internal speakers wouldn’t be too much to ask.

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