Camping and Drooling for an iPhone

iPhone Frenzy

The iPhone is almost here, and as the launch date of 29th of June approaches, people are getting crazier than ever about it. Apple and AT&T didn’t say how many iPhones will be available at each store, but some are saying it could be as few as 40 iPhones per store. As a result, the iPhone fanatics are already camping outside Apple Stores.

Daniel Dilger is a 33 year old technology consultant from San Francisco that plans to camp outside the Apple Store, eating nothing but hot-dogs if necessary. The price tag of US$ 500 for the 4 GB version and US$ 600 for the 8 GB version is not a problem, at least not to these die-hard fans.

Jen O’Connell, author of the book “The Cell Phone Decoder Ring” and a specialist in cell phones, said that are two reasons to explain the appeal of the iPhone. First, she says that’s due to the publicity power of Apple, recognized globally for their MacBooks and iPods, but she also goes further to say that the iPhone is indeed a unique product.

“This is nothing like anyone else has manufactured before,” says Jen, “It looks cool and the way you interact with it is cool. I’m drooling at the mouth to get one.”

The lesson behind all this is simple. Don’t underestimate the iPhone, because it may not change our world, but is certainly going to rock it.

Via Yahoo.

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