Action! M25 DLP tiny but packs a punch


I just love miniaturization. Advancements in this area is what gives us itty bitty devices such as super slim cellphones and the like. For those who are looking for something small and yet is able to project the entire full HD picture (that’s 1080p for you folks), the Action! M25 DLP fits the bill perfectly. I think it can be dubbed as the “little projector that could”, since it measures a mere 2.7” x 9.2” x 10.8”. A single TI DLP chip runs inside, making full use of its BrilliantColor technology that significantly increases the color gamut. Brightness stands at 1,000 lumens which ought to be good enough for indoor use even with the lights turned on. Pricing and availability details are currently unknown.

Source: Slashgear