Bear robot cuddles up with army men


That’s what it looks like at the beginning, but fret not. The alpha males in the army aren’t turning soft anytime soon with the uber-cute Bear robot. Bear is actually an acronym for “Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot”. The name itself is pretty self explanatory, as you have injured soldiers out in the field who can’t make it to a safe point on their own. Rather than risk the life of another human, why not send Bear out to recover the wounded comrade?

Of course, this will greatly detract from the heroic representations that we see in war movies, with one man defying all odds just to return a wounded or dying soldier back to base. I wonder whether the Bear could actually endanger the life of an injured soldier as he is being carried back – after all, it shouldn’t be too hard to target a relatively slow moving robot (those treads certainly won’t be able to handle urban warfare, stairs and all.

Source: Pocket Lint

3 thoughts on “Bear robot cuddles up with army men”

  1. “(those treads certainly won’t be able to handle urban warfare, stairs and all.”

    If you read where your source got their story, it has in fact done stairs already, and I imagine that thing can handle all types of terrain. Since its controlled by a human its probably just as safe as a human, and it probably moves much faster.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for pointing out about the stairs part. I’m coming from the angle where it won’t be able to do it fast enough just yet, although you think otherwise. This would be one part where I hope to be wrong though 🙂

  3. The Bear would need to be much faster to get the soldier out the lines of fire. Most likely if the soldier can not make it back on his own he would be hurt. It would be good if the could not just carry the injured but also treat them or provide some kind of pertection. The Bear is a great idea for a start but their should be more building of its capabilities in the future.

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