The chrome Pig E Bank

by Mike

Chrome Pig E Bank
The problem kids have with Piggy Banks, unless they already have the breakable piggy bank, is that they never really know how much money they have in there unless they painstakingly shake every single penny, nickel, dime, and the occasional quarter out. Then, when they want that $5 thing you just won’t buy them, they spend 15 minutes counting only to end up $1.23 short. Please, please, please don’t let your child suffer like that for a moment longer, get them a nice cup to put their change in. Oh, sorry, I meant the Pig E Bank, an Electronic Piggy Bank. And it’s chrome, which I hear is the new pink (be on the lookout for that Chrome Zune! :))

The Pig E Bank isn’t super high tech, just more so than the average piggy bank. On the LCD screen, a kid can see exactly how much money they have in there, eliminating the need to empty it out, only to be disappointed when they find out that their spare change won’t quite buy them an iPod, at least not yet. Also, whenever a money is deposited in the bank, the piggy will talk, hopefully telling you something informative like your balance or how much you deposited. A quick “oink” might not be bad either. And again, it’s chrome.

Get your kid a talking, LCD-display bearing piggy bank, the Pig E Bank for $23. With it being so cheap, maybe you can slip a few quarters in there to start your child’s savings off right.

Product Page – [via GizWizBiz]

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