Ben Heckendorn comes up with Audio FX Pro 5+1 headset

ben-heck-headphones.jpgBen Heckendorn has long kept the gaming world entertained with his many modifications of video game systems, and expectations have been building up for quite some time now concerning his commercial project. Is it a new handheld, or could it be a modification to turn the Wii into a portable system? Unfortunately, the answer is none of the above. Benheck’s (as he is affectionately known) latest foray is a gaming headset known as the Audio FX Pro 5+1. This USB headset might look old school, but it comes jam packed with interesting features.

This pair of headphones come with internal motors that enhance the gaming experience with force feedback action complete with virtual 5.1 surround sound. Not too sure whether the force feedback function can be disabled or not as it will surely get irritating after a while, as your ears feel sore from the hundredth buzz. The Audio FX Pro 5+1 headset will retail for $80. Would you pick one up for your gaming sessions?

Source: Engadget