Sony concepts go green


Sony goes green with a bunch of devices that won’t ever need recharging since power can be obtained at a moment’s notice. While this morsel of news sounds great, I’m gutted to know that the devices we are going to touch on today are just concepts and won’t materialize in the corporeal world anytime soon. Known as Odo concepts, the idea behind each device is certainly exciting, and they come with aesthetically pleasing lines to boot. To whet your appetite, the entire Odo range consists of different devices, ranging from digital cameras to an image/movie viewer – basically anything that drains battery power at a much faster rate when compared to the relatively sloth-like analog radio.

First off we have the Spin ‘N’ Snap digital camera that comes in an extremely interesting form factor. To power it, you place a finger through each hole and spin the entire device around its center. The kinetic energy will be used to turn the dynamo, generating just enough power to snap the next photo. While it sounds like an ingenious idea, this was pretty much how ancient film cameras of yore worked. One thing’s for sure – you won’t be able to capture images one after another in rapid succession unless you move as fast as Quicksilver from the X-Men universe.

Up next we have the Push POWER Play contraption that functions as an image/movie viewer. A roller is located at the bottom, where it is then used to generate power whenever you drag it across a hard surface. In addition, the Odo range also includes a solar panel where it presumably powers various devices in the presence of strong sunlight (duh!). Sony also claims to use recycled plastic in the construction of each Odo, making it as environmentally friendly as possible. No idea on whether any of these will ever make it to the production line, but one thing’s for sure – nothing beats batteries today, so hand crank cameras will have a long way to go before they become a commonplace gadget.

Source: Treehugger