Audiovox budget MP3 player

audiovox-bargain-mp3.jpgAre you out of gift ideas that won’t make a big hole in your pocket and yet doesn’t make you look cheap? Audiovox has just the thing for you with this MP3 player that retails for a mere $29.99. Heck, this is so affordable, it could be used to introduce your little tot to the world of MP3 players, graduating him onto an iPod when he comes of age.

The Audiovox MP3 player comes with 20 preset FM radio stations, 1GB of internal memory, a bright OLED display, an equalizer, and WMA support. Too bad the battery life on this thing is rather disappointing, standing at just a few hours. It would have been nice to see Audiovox throw in a memory card slot of some kind though. If you can’t even shell out $30 for one of these, perhaps the 512MB model at $19.99 will suit your budget?

Source: ChipChick

3 thoughts on “Audiovox budget MP3 player”

  1. Wow. . . things have come a long way, as you used to pay close to a $100 for a 64 MB player. 😛

  2. Graduating to an iPod, what about the Zen players such as the Vision:M, which is better than the iPod?

  3. Hi Davin,

    I’m taking the most common denominator here, after all one can’t argue with a 100 million iPods sold. Just as how Xerox has been turned into a verb for photostating, the very word iPod conjures up the image of an MP3 player (despite being able to play video already).

    Surely there are better players than the iPod, but are those as iconic?

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