The brick shaped USB Flash drive

lego usb

Now there must be many people out there thinking “Are right that’s a piece of Lego” well in fact its not, this brick shaped USB flash drive is just looking like a piece of Lego and in actual fact has no connection to the toy company at all, maybe there will be problems down the line for these guys, but hey its only a flash drive.

The Australian company behind these bricks has named them “Zip Zip” they are a standard 1GB across the board, and come in blue, yellow, green, red, white and black, just like the real Lego!

Now the question that really needs to be asked here is, can you line them up so they can fit into all the USB ports on the computer at the same time?

There is also a word of warning, if you have young children who happen to have a huge collection of Lego bricks don’t let them see your USB flash drive otherwise you will probably never be able to find it again.

Being in Australia the company say that they do ship anywhere in the world, the price is $59 Australian dollars, which is about $48 US so the price is about average for a 1 GB flash drive, but this is Lego and you can build a tower of them if you wish.

Source [Shiny Shiny]

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