Remote Control Pool Skimmer Makes cleaning fun for the kids

by James

Remote Control Pool Skimmer

Yet another swimming pool story? Well, it is late May and with summer right around the corner. That means a plethora new pool gadgets. However, last summer, we reported on one that seems worthy of repeating. It’s is a fun one though which takes the work out of skimming your pool and makes it fun for kids of any age to earn their allowance with. It’s a remote control pool skimmer by gadget store HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER.

Designed to look like a catamaran, the Remote control pool skimmer collects leaves and other debris floating on the water surface into the wide net in between it’s two boomed hull. The net detaches for easy disposal.

Pool skimmer close up

The remote-control has a 100′ range which enables you to clean your pool from just about anywhere in your back yard – including the shady confines of your patio. It is powered twin mini outboard motors which allow for getting in an out of tight corners from custom pool designs.
The rechargeable battery that lasts for 50 minutes on a full charge and requires four hours to recharge. An additional 9-volt battery is needed for the remote control.

And what a difference a year makes … as the cost has dropped ten bucks to a fun $129.95 – Get two and you can have your race to get the job done!

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