U3 drives to be replaced

sandisk-ms.jpgMicrosoft and SanDisk have recently dropped some interesting information that both companies will be collaborating over a technology-sharing agreement that sees a future replacement to SanDisk’s U3 line of USB smart drives that will be released to consumers by the second half of next year. This new piece of technology is expected to carry personal data as well as Windows software applications that can be launched by simply plugging in the device into any available USB port at the moment. The revamped product does not only contain personalized email and Web browsers, but will feature a personalized computing environment along with a customized interface, applications and data to boot.

A spokesman from SanDisk mentioned that “This is really more about taking applications and data and a customized user interface with you from computer to computer.” While he has no idea on what the final product will look like, it seems as though the entire computing experience will be able to be carried on a single flash drive from then on. No longer do you need to get accustomed to somebody else’s computer along with its nuances – your personal USB flash drive will contain a user interface that’s familiar to you, including all your icons and documents.

Accessible only on computers running Windows XP and Vista, this new USB flash drive will feature data encryption to ensure your data is not compromised be it on public or shared computers. Microsoft is currently looking for third party vendors who are interested in licensing the new software. What do you think of a more consistent and portable computing experience? Chances are the software available won’t be too hardware intensive since they have to cater for the widest range of users possible, leaving high end and underpowered computer users out of the loop.

Source: PC Mag