UAV meets smart mobile munitions, for seriously messing up bad guys

Thanks to Noah over at the Danger Room (he used to be at Defense Tech till Wired threw down the big bucks for him (I hope you’re getting the big bucks Noah your work is great). We have this bit of amazing wizardry.

DARPA (they make the cool stuff civilians don’t see for 20 years) has developed the CCLR a non-line of sight lethal recon killer drone. Basically it is a xbox style interface with a flip up screen that controls a hand launched “self sacrificing” killer drone. So basically you hand launch this little bot into the air, it flies under its own power for up to 2 clicks (kilometers) and when the user (who is watching its every move on the screen mounted on the controller) has found their target. Well from there on you can pretty much guess what happens….

Things go Wham!! (and not George Michael Wham either).

This is offering a lot of new options to warfighters on the ground for sure, cheap effective recon and devastating power. Yeah, it is definitely a little horrifying for the bad guys for sure, (it is why they make these things).

The level of technological expertise in a hand launched self propelled, mildly autonomous drone packed with firepower,, wow.

I’m not war mongering here, just amazed at the tech developments, (so no flaming on that ok),,,

begin flaming now.

Thanks Noah at the Danger Room

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  1. Keeps our troops alive and kill the bad guys. Whats not to like? Hopefully it has some sort of security to prevent the bad guys from using it if they happen upon it.

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