The boot and glove dryer because it’s winter somewhere

Boot and Glove Dryer
Before I even begin to tell you why you absolutely need this here product, I know it’s mostly warm these days, but, in some remote, unfortunate places, it’s still wickedly cold. This made for TV gadget is for those people, even though they probably have something like this already. Now that I’ve got your expectations nice and low, let me introduce the Boot and Glove Dryer which will make sure you never have to wear those soggy, soaked boats or gloves again.

Please, tell me you haven’t gone to shovel the driveway after the third straight day of snow and found your boots/gloves are still wet in the toes or fingers. That’s a sure fire way to ruin your day.

The two rods you see have fans built into the heaters, which sounds counter intuitive to me, but it isn’t. The fans circulate the heat around the boot, drying everything rather than just heating one specific area really well (then setting your house on fire). Here’s where the real genius comes in. Each rod, in addition to those ingenious fans, has baking powder sections. Don’t even bother denying it, I know your boots smell awful. Well, your gloves, I would hope not, but some people just smell bad. They can’t help it I guess.

When I said this gadget was made for TV, I was serious. You can get your very own Boot and Glove Dryer (with fans and baking powder sections!) for $20.

Product Page – [via Shiny Shiny]