When to call a mouse a mouse


The mouse is taken for granted a bit these days, with versions that can stretch the imagination back and from the twilight zone, however there is such a thing as taking something just that little bit beyond the boundaries of what we call normal, and this mouse found on instructables is to say the very least gone beyond and kept going. For those of a nervous disposition don’t look now!

From the image this a furry rodent mouse, but take a closer look, you will notice that there is a lot of detail on the toy, maybe those far eastern manufacturers have perfected the toy mouse, I wish it was just that simple. For this is in fact a real mouse covering a computer mouse, the thought of it is making my skin crawl. These guys have really covered the mouse with the body of a real mouse, I have the feeling that it is not the sort of thing that would go down well in the office, or maybe it would.

The mouse has been preserved by some sort of taxidermy and then placed over the computers mouse, there is a slot for the scrolling wheel, so it is a small travel type mouse and apparently the click function does work too, but please do not ask me how, ok! You just press the mouse’s head.

This is defiantly not going to win any prizes for stylish design, though I do believe that there could be a market out there for a product like this, a word of caution though, if you own a cat or a dog and really need one of these, then it is probably a good idea not to leave the mouse unattended while still plugged into the computer, unless you want to chase it around the house!

Source [Instructables]

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  1. I think that the person who did this is sick and seriosly disturbed, I think that this is a cruel act to harmless animals. I wout get one if they were free!!!

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