Lucifer lights up your matches


I seriously wonder how many people these days light up their cigarettes with a match still. After all, Zippo lighters are more or less the end all and be all when it comes to getting your cancer stick lighted up since it is ever reliable, doesn’t snuff out at the slightest breath, and looks cool whenever you flick its cover open. While the very word Lucifer will probably make you think of the devil himself and his three-pronged pitchfork, this is not quite the case although there is some sort of pyrotechnic action going on here.

The Lucifer is actually a match container that looks so sleek, it’d be the Ferrari of all match containers. Coming in the shape of a large bullet, the Lucifer holds your matches upside down. Hence when you’re in need of a quick light, all you need to do is overturn the Lucifer and gently shake it so that the end part of the matches will make its way out partially from the hole on top just like how traditional toothpick holders work.

When you pull the entire match out, its head will go through the gratter, hence causing the match to light up automatically. Since the gratter is made from stone, there is no expiry date attached to it and can be used indefinitely. Lucifer’s base is made of glass for you to see just how many matches are there left inside for you to make a quick refill. While I’m sure this design doesn’t allow a lighted match to slide back in an igniting the rest of its brethren, you can never quite tell with the rate of product failures today. Still, the Lucifer is a pretty neat idea and currently remains a concept.

Source: OhGizmo!

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  1. I can definitely remember the days when my dad would pick up his zippos . I myself am not an advocate of smoking, but then it made our conversations truly livelier.

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