Chiba Lotte Marines Digital (Photo) Frame

Chiba Lotte Marines Digital Frame

The number of digital frames on the market is huge, but nonetheless, there are some companies that still want to enter in that area. In this case the digiframe is dedicated to a Japanese baseball team, the Chiba Lotte Marines.

Like it happens with the majority of the other frames it has basic functions such as a slideshow feature to have non-stop action (read photos), a rotation function so you can put the photo in the desired perfect position, and an expansion setting as well.

About the way it displays the photos – the screen measures 5-inches and supports a 320x240pixel resolution – it could be better considering that the small resolution is already available in some cellphones. It is compatible with only one image format – jpeg – and the data can be inserted by using 4 different types of memory cards, or simply use the USB2.0 interface.

The Chiba Lotte Marines digital frame is made by SIREN and will cost approximately 18.690 yen ($165) in Japan. Seriously speaking writing, I don’t understand how baseball is so popular in the Asian part of the world.

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