Your Own Tropical Island Oasis

by Mike D


The ultimate in ridiculous relaxation. A hammock slung between two realistic palm trees with palm fronds, coconuts, and a cooling mechanism. The Tropical Island from Bim Bam Banana comes as close to being there as… well… being there. This getup would look great by any pool, or on any city roof-deck. Place one of these babies in the middle of your patio, grab a reflector screen, and your neighbors will scramble as you’ve certainly one-upped them.

For the bargain price of $8,240.00, the hammock comes with a pillow and drink caddy. The palm trees have an internal dual-control mist mechanism to simulate a misty ocean breeze. Play some Buffett in the background, and presto, you have paradise, even in Buffalo, NY (weather permitting). The website promises that the setup will withstand anything short of a cyclone.

If you’re in the market for this sort of outrageous lawn ornament, I suppose the asking price is cheaper than owning your own 10×10 piece of tropical beachfront. In the end, this is truly the solution to any desire for tropical paradise if you live in a concrete jungle. For those of you out there who are considering purchasing this item, consider mounting it on a couple of pontoons…

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