Professional Rotary Belgian Waffle Maker

Professional Rotary Belgian Waffle Maker

Some people have a double feeling about many cooking gadgets, yes it becomes more practical and easy/fast to use them to do what you want, but on the other hand you lose the “personal touch” with the food. If you are not a fan of cooking, like myself, this isn’t important…

Anyway, this waffle maker is also known as Professional Rotary Belgian Waffle Maker, a fancy name. It comes with a couple of features that other similar gadgets don’t have, so I guess that is the reason of the mighty professional title.

The best feature it has is the rotary function, basically it is an easy way to flip the waffle with no work being done by you, and the finest thing is that the waffle maker lid won’t open. Other features include a timer alarm that will make the beeping sounds when the waffle is perfectly cooked, and a thermostat + browning dial that will allow you to control the shade of the waffle from light to dark.

As for the waffle dimensions, the pro cooking gadget is able to make waffles with a 7-inch diameter and 1 1/4-inches thick.

It costs $80, the bad news it that this item is sold out at Hammacher.

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