The Blame-Free Toilet

by Mike D


Maybe you’ve got an “inconsiderate” roommate, or you’re a bit self-conscious. You can now throw away the air freshener sprays and never need to light a match again. From the same team that developed the Swash comes the latest in “smart” toilet seats. An improvement upon the previous model, the latest Breeza comes with a controllable heated seat.

Available immediately, this seat contains a four-stage air deodorizing system that produces “clean” air. The system plugs into a wall outlet and is a compatible replacement for any conventional toilet. There are several features to this model that set it apart- first is the body activated smart sensor that will turn the ultra-quiet fan on activating the filtration system when your … [ahem] toosh hits the seat subsequently emitting a pleasant smell. The filter and fragrance vent will need to be replaced with time (and use).

For those of you (myself included) who despite (or inspite of) constant reminding to put the seat down, cannot seem to remember to do it, the seat cover has one of those gentle closing mechanisms that lowers the lid with a gentile tap – as seen on some Kohler models.

Available from Brondell

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Unused space finally used « Leoism Says: April 18, 2007 at 9:43 pm

[…] Unused space finally used This time, specifically, the toilet’s a piece of plastic that kind of sits there and doesn’t do much. Well, someone finally decided it can serve more of a purpose. This toilet seat will deodorize (using a 4 stage deodorizing system). It also has a heat sensitive feature that will turn on a fan system to help cycle the.. um.. unwanted oderous air away faster. Also, it has a feature that will lower the lid slowly and gently making sure that .. well, that the lid is down.more info regarding this here. […]

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